Kalum Klausner, Martial Arts Instructor

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu near Grand Junction

Kalum Klausner

Starting Jiu Jitsu at five years old Kalum has been training for 15+ years. After progressing through the kids, teens, and now adult ranks he hopes to pass down the lessons he has learned to others. As an avid competitor and student Kalum has achieved medals at IBJJF Pan Ams, Worlds, and American Nationals. Kalum started Jiu Jitsu in 2005 in New Jersey after being harshly bullied in grade school. Moving to Spokane WA, followed by many years in St Louis, MO (where he entered the professional Jiu Jitsu World) Kalum has now found a home at Grand Valley Jiu Jitsu. His goals include winning major titles, forming a team of avid competitors (Teens and Adult) with a focus on mental training, and graduating from CMU / CU Boulder with a civil engineering degree.       

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