Nadia Sweeten, Martial Arts Instructor

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu near Grand Junction

Nadia Sweeten

Coach Nadia currently teaches our Tuesday and Thursday night Beginners class.

Nadia is a purple belt in brazilian jiu-jitsu. She began training in 2014 and fell in love with competing with only three months of training under her belt.  She went on to miss Fighter of the Year as a white belt in the Fight to Win Tournament Series by only 2 points due to an injury causing her to miss a tournament mid season.  Nadia came back as a blue belt and won the 2016 Fight to Win Women's Blue Belt Fighter of the Year.  She then went on the the World Master Championships submitting her way to the finals where she won the silver medal.  Nadia has also been a professional hunting guide for 13 years operating her own business in Mexico and guiding horseback hunts for deer, elk and sheep in Wyoming.  She received her purple belt in 2018 and began coaching the adult beginners class and assistant coaching the kids bjj class.  "Jiu-jitsu has fundamentally changed my life, not only on the mats but in my relationship with my self and life it self.  Jiu-jitsu has a way opening your perception in how you think about yourself and your capabilities and also how you relate to and respond to others.  Bjj is a discipline, one with respect.  When you enter the world of jiu-jitsu there is no going back.  You will outgrow your old self and discover your true potential and you will always have a family on the mats weather its in your own gym or across the world on some foreign mats.  Jiu-jitsu is truly that kind of community.  When you learn to honor and respect your opponents you learn to honor and respect your self." ~ Nadia Sweeten

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