Randy Wharton, Martial Arts Instructor

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu near Grand Junction

Randy Wharton

Coach Randy currently teaches our Noon classes on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Randy started his training during High School in 1999, when he found a small training facility in Montana called Ultimate Submission Academy (a Miletich Fighting System Affiliate). He fell in love with the "Chess Match" of Jiu Jitsu-which is true now as it was then.  He continued his training even when moving under Sylvio Behring, Rigan Machado and Pedro Sauer affiliates, but eventually took a break from BJJ due to injuries.  This lead Randy into focusing his energy into mountaineering and traveling the world, with his now wife Christmas.  They started their own business providing event management and support to Subaru Adventure Team and Hydro Flask.  

Randy picked up training in 2017 when he moved with his wife to Grand Junction, Colorado.  Coach Randy was promoted to Black Belt by Coach Kevin and Coach Denilson Pimenta in February of 2019.  

Randy believes that a cornerstone to your training should be strength and conditioning, in addition to recovery and nutrition.  He suggests for all levels of ability to listen, learn, and be patient- success will come.  Coach Randy says "Competing at every belt level should be a goal of every practitioner."

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