Published: December 20, 2020


HEY HEY!! Our featured Muay Thai student of the month is Bo!!!!!  Bo has been with us for 2 years now….man time flies!!!!!  Bo started with us because he felt he needed to make some positive changes in his life both physically and mentally.  Bo said “The fear of getting punched in the face” has been the most difficult thing he has overcame since joining us here at Grand Valley BJJ and Muay Thai.  When asked if he had any advice for people who are on the fence about trying us out Bo says “Just Do It! If you don’t like it you still got a good work out in.  If you do like it, you got a life long hobby and friendships.”  Congrats Bo your a beast!!!!

Next up we got Heather as our featured adult BJJ student of the month!!!!!!

Heather has been training with us for 1 year.  Heather said she started BJJ because it looked fun, and it was something that she had wanted to do but put it off for many years.  Heather said “I wanted to grow as a person and be a good example for my kids.”  Heather took a little time of due to an injury and stated that getting over her ego and coming back after a break was difficult and extremely rewarding.  When asked about advice for people on the fence about coming in and trying us out Heather echoed Bo and stated “If you just walk in to one practice it will be worth you time and you will not regret it.  You deserve to be here just like every one that comes in and trains.”  Congrats Heather!!!!  We are happy you took the chance with us!!!


Published: December 20, 2020

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